univation® X

Unicondylar Knee System with Advanced Surface Technology

Innovative femur and tibia implant solution treats medial compartmental knee deformities

  • Treats specifically medial defects while ensuring optimal bone coverage
  • Restores kinematics with an anatomically-accurate design
  • Minimizes the amount of resected bone without compromising stability
  • Provides primary stability, reduced risk of rotation and can withstand forces of knee
  • Allows for variability of positioning in the medial-lateral orientation and ensures proper implant positioning for reproducible results
  • Provides flexibility regardless of anatomically-specific needs with over 30 different femoral/tibia combinations

Patented* Butterfly Polyethylene Technology

  • Dissipates force throughout the range of motion
  • Forgives mild differences in femoral rotational positioning of the PE component without decreasing performance
  • E-Beam sterilized PE for improved age resistance

*Patent No. 7,998,205 BZ

Patented* Seven-layer Advanced Surface Technology

  • Provides unparalleled surface hardness, substantially decreased wear rates and greatly improved scratch resistance
  • Reduces potential for metal ion release - acts as a potential barrier against the release of common metal ions such as molybdenum, nickel, cobalt and chromium in laboratory (in-vitro) wear testing
  • Aesculap is the only manufacturer to provide the unique surface on both the femur and the tibia

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*Patent No. US20090210068

Accurately equals the medial and lateral compartments for greater implant accuracy with GLOBAL Ligament Tension Spacers (GLOBAL LTS)

  • Balance flexion and extension gap through distal cut, posterior cut or both
  • Customizes surgery to patients’ deformities, providing a choice of intervention in the OR
  • Allows component-to-component alignment with a true gap balancing system

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