Instrument and Equipment Repair

Having manufactured surgical instruments for more than 140 years, it's clear that we know instruments. Since our founding in 1867, Aesculap has been providing surgical technical services for medical facilities throughout the world. Aesculap Technical Services (ATS) was born from the desire to provide customers with comprehensive service offerings to support their capital investments. ATS provides medical facilities with a complete portfolio of preventative maintenance programs and repair services for surgical instruments and sterilization containers, including instruments and devices produced by other manufacturers.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Standards

ndustry standards do not equate to OEM standards. As an OEM, we know what makes a properly functioning instrument and we repair back to that instrument's original form, fit and function.

Aesculap Technicians are trained through a rigorous on-going training program led by our Master Craftsmen. Our Master Craftsmen are granted that distinction after a three to five year apprenticeship program focused specifically on surgical instruments and devices. Technicians training to be Master Craftsmen must perfect the skills of instrument design, manufacturing and repairing, starting with a single piece of metal.

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