Total Hip Solutions 

Aesculap Implant Systems Total Hip Solutions

When faced with the possibility of hip surgery, you need confidence that the implant your physician chooses will relieve your pain and regain your mobility. Aesculap Implant Systems provides a comprehensive hip replacement solution that delivers a high performance hip joint. Discuss your treatment options with your surgeon to determine the right implant for you.

Aesculap Total Joint Solutions provides the following benefits to you:

  • Innovative implant options that allow your surgeon flexibility to select the most appropriate implant based on your needs and individual anatomy.
  • Implants and instruments that support minimally invasive surgery and a variety of surgical approaches, including the Direct Anterior Approach, which reduces overall time spent in the operating room and time you spend recovering.
  • Implants that support bone preservation by allowing the removal and cutting of minimal bone.
  • Implants that aim to restore natural motion of your hip through anatomically accurate reconstruction of your joint.
  • Implants with long-term survivorship based on proven fixation concepts.

Important Risk Information
Each patient will experience different postoperative results and activity levels depending on their own individual clinical factors. There are potential risks and recovery times associated with surgery and certain individuals should not undergo surgery. You should consult with an orthopaedic surgeon for complete benefits, risks and possible outcomes based on your specific needs.

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