Total Knee Solutions

About Aesculap Implant Systems Total Knee Solutions

When faced with the possibility of knee surgery, you need security in the implant your physician chooses. Aesculap Implant Systems offers a broad product portfolio for the protection of patients. They are also the first supplier worldwide to offer standard implant components with the Advanced Surface Technology, providing benefits to patients that are unique to the market. Discuss this information with your surgeon. They will choose the best knee implant for you.

Benefits of Aesculap Implant Systems’ Knee Implants:

  • Aesculap Implant Systems offers a comprehensive selection of knee implants to meet the individual needs of patients.
  • Comprehensive sizing for a personal implant fit to your anatomy
  • Advanced Surface Technology for significant reduction in wear rates
  • Improved stability through computer navigated surgical technique
  • Maximum range of motion to help you resume your active lifestyle
  • Designed to accommodate minimally invasive procedures

Important Risk Information
Each patient will experience different postoperative results and activity levels depending on their own individual clinical factors. There are potential risks and recovery times associated with surgery and certain individuals should not undergo surgery. You should consult with an orthopaedic surgeon for complete benefits, risks and possible outcomes based on your specific needs.