activL® Artificial Disc Patient Testimonials

Keith's Story

Keith was in chronic pain after rupturing the L5/S1 disc in his low back. The simplest of tasks turned into a chore prior to total disc replacement with the activL  Artificial Disc. Keith explains how the surgery positively impacted his life.

Manny's Story

Manny, a law enforcement officer, suffered for years with severe lower back pain. With the physically-demanding nature of his job, his love of exercise and a high-energy son, he knew it was time for a change. See how lumbar total disc replacement with the activL Artificial Disc improved his life.


Each patient will experience different post-operative results and activity levels depending on their own individual clinical factors. There are potential risks and recovery times associated with surgery and certain individuals should not undergo surgery. You should consult with a spine surgeon for complete benefits, risks, and possible outcomes based on your specific needs.
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