Aesculap Implant Systems Introduces the Modulift™ Vertebral Body
Replacement System (VBR) 

Center Valley, PA (July 1, 2015) – Aesculap Implant Systems recently introduced the Modulift Vertebral Body Replacement (VBR). The titanium Modulift VBR represents the latest generation in expandable cage technology by providing optimized tactile feedback, industry-leading biomechanical restoration capability and ease of use.

The prosthetic/bone interface was designed to address Wolff’s Law with the goal of optimizing conditions for a stable fusion. Spikes and an aggressive waffle pattern achieve a high degree of initial stability, while the central packing cavity and fenestrations accommodate bone in-growth. The oval shape provides a more anatomical design for maximum surface area coverage and load transfer. Sagittal balance and biomechanical restoration are addressed with lordotic offerings of 0, 5, and 10 degrees of correction. All of these features work in concert to achieve positive bone modeling response. 

Surgeon ease of use is achieved with pre-loaded set screws. A low-profile dovetail attachment and self-alignment capability provide efficient, secure insertion and in-situ reattachment capability. This unique connection design allows for a minimum profile inserter which optimizes visualization during the critical expansion process. Also, the trial, insertion and expansion instrumentation occupy only one tray.

"We wanted to create a device that was easy to use and had best-in-class anatomical restoration capabilities with a high degree of tactile feedback,“ said Dr. Daniel Refai of Emory University. “I've implanted several Modulift VBRs and am extremely pleased to know we've accomplished our design objectives."

Modulift is the latest addition to Aesculap’s expanding portfolio of VBR devices.  For more information, visit

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