Direct Anterior Approach

Metha Short Hip System

Direct Anterior Approach

Performing Direct Anterior Approach joint replacement procedures is easy and precise with the Metha Short Hip Stem.

The Metha Implant System

A True Neck Prosthesis for Excellent Femoral Access

  • The unique neck insertion angle of the Metha allows easier access to the femur.
  • Due to Metha's high resection level, the surgeon preserves significantly more bone.
  • The stem is proximally coated utlizing Plasmapore µ-CaP, which provides exceptional secondary fixation. 

Modular and Non-Modular Option

  • The Metha Short Hip Stem is available in a wide array of configurations to accommodate the unique anatomy of each patient.
  • The Metha Modular has 9 different neck options to address the most complex anatomy. 

Approach-Specific Instruments

  • With simplication and efficiency in mind, Aesculap has designed innovative instruments specifically for the direct anterior approach.
  • Aesculap offers instruments designed to ease the challenges of direct anterior surgery by addressing both implantation and exposure.

World-Class Training through the Aesculap Academy

  • Aesculap offers world class training around the country and the globe.Our training is conducted by some of the field's top international thought-leaders. 

An Advanced Stem Design

  • Due to the size and surgical technique, some direct anterior approach surgeons have found it unnecessary to use costly specialized tables.

Realize the known benefits of minimally invasive surgery with the Metha Short Hip System.

Benefits to the Patients:

  • Reduced blood loss
  • Reduced pain
  • Faster patient recovery
  • Shortened hospital stay
  • Improved patient outcomes and reduced dislocation rates

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