Advanced Surface Technology

Engineered for Performance

AS-Advanced Surface Coating Knee

The 7-layer Advanced Surface Technology offers enhanced protection against the top prostheses-related reasons for implant failure and revision; metal ion release and wear.*

The Advanced Surface Technology provides:

  • Substantial wear reduction – Wear is the number one reason for revision in the long term, and the knee prosthesis with Advanced Surface Technology demonstrates substantial reduction in wear when compared to a CoCr prosthesis.*
  • Unmatched surface hardness – The ceramic surface layer can lead to improved scratch resistance and good wettability for better articulation between bearing surfaces.
  • Mechanical integrity and improved elastic modulus – The Advanced Surface Technology is designed to reduce the hardness from top to bottom in a gradient way, making it extremely stable against mechanical stresses and strains.
  • Reduced potential for metal ion release – The Advanced Surface Technology creates a potential barrier against the release of metal ions, such as molybdenum, nickel, cobalt and chromium in laboratory (in-vitro) wear testing.
  • Enhanced performance – This technology in combination with Aesculap knee systems with e-beam polyethylene (PE) yields excellent performance.*

*As evidenced by mechanical testing and literature review

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