VEGA System®

A pivotal breakthrough in knee replacement

VEGA System<sup>®</sup>

 The VEGA System's groundbreaking post-cam design concept optimizes pivotal motion while greatly reducing surface stress. The system also works hand in hand with a unique 7-layer Advanced Surface Technology delivering exceptional kinematics and excellent wear results and jump distances.

The intuitive IQ instrumentation platform offers dual-purpose instruments, fewer trays and a simplistic design that allows quick, easy resizing and can reduce operating room time. There are a wide-range of soft-tissue friendly implants available with 13 femoral sizes and 11 tibial sizes for a better bone fit.

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Patent pending post-cam mechanism is designed to mimic natural knee kinematics by enabling a physiological pivot around the medial condyle. The design facilitates a large range of motion and optimized surface contact between the femoral and tibial components. The posterior inclination acts to avoid post-edge loading for better load distribution resulting in lower stress on the polyethylene.

Post-cam view

The height and inclination of the polyethylene post results in excellent jump distances, which increase with flexion and can reduce subluxation risks.

Jump distance chart
Rollback views

Anterior and posterior narrowing combined with minimal box resection minimizes interference with surrounding soft tissues.

Anterior and posterior narrowing

The 7-layer Advanced Surface Technology delivers unparalleled surface hardness, substantially decreased wear rates and greatly improved scratch resistance.

Advanced Surface layers

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