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Cervical Solutions

As the incidences of spinal pathologies such as degenerative disc disease or deformity are rising, Aesculap anticipates these trends and invests in the ongoing development of spinal solutions for the treatment and stabilization of the thoracolumbar spine. Aesculap’s innovative product portfolio provides treatment options for spinal disease, degeneration and trauma from T1 through the sacrum. Through cutting-edge products Aesculap offers solutions for the most demanding thoracolumbar surgical cases in the form of implant systems, instrumentation and interbody devices. 


Anterior Thoracolumbar

ModuliftModulift™ Expandable Vertebral Body Replacement System

MACS TLMACS TL® Plating System with MACS II Instrumentation

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Posterior Thoracolumbar

S Element MIS System

S Spinal System

S4 Element® Spinal System

S4 Spondylolisthesis Reduction Instrumentation (SRI)

S4 MIS Cannulated Pedicle Screw System

S4 Fracture Reduction Instrumentation (FRI)

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Lumbar Interbody Solutions

ProSpace™ Bone TLIF

ProSpace™ Bone PLIF

ProSpace™ Bone ALIF

Arcadius™XP L Stand Alone Interbody Device (SIBD) Spinal System

A-Space™ Stand Alone Interbody Device (SIBD) Spinal System

activL® Artificial Disc

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Lumbar Instrumentation

Spyder™ Retractor System

Micro Lumbar Disectomy (MLD) Retractor System

CASPAR Lumbar Retractor (CLR) System


miaspas® mini TTA

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