Grants and Donations

Aesculap Implant Systems values the vital connection between our company and the areas in which we operate. We strive to be a good corporate citizen and a positive presence in our local communities as well as in the larger health care environment.

Aesculap in the Healthcare Community: Involvement in Independent Medical Education Events

Aesculap may provide support for select medical education programs that promote advances in healthcare and patient outcomes through scientific exchange and discourse relevant to certain disease states, conditions, and treatments areas in the form of product loans and/or exhibitor sponsorship.

Product Loans to Support Independent Medical Education Conferences or Programs:

Aesculap may also provide short term product loans to support independent medical education conferences or programs in our areas of therapeutic focus. Please submit requests at least 60 days in advance for product loan support. Product Loan Request Form >

Aesculap in Our Local Communities:

We focus our charitable contributions on local non-profit organizations with missions and activities most closely aligned with the B. Braun and Aesculap global corporate citizenship objectives, specifically in the areas of:

Chart showing areas of focus for charitable contributions - Children, Community, Education, Health

Our support for community non-profits may include financial support, employee volunteerism hours, and occasional donation drives. Charitable Contributions Request Form >