Bipolar Head Partial Hip Replacement

Bipolar Head

Bipolar Head

Reliable and Effective Treatment Option for Hip Fractures

Bipolar Head 

Partial hip replacement using Bipolar hip systems are a reliable and effective treatment option for hip fractures and diseased femoral heads and/or necks. The Bipolar shell articulates against the host acetabular articular cartilage, preserving acetabular bone stock for future considerations.

The System

  • Highly polished cobalt-chromium outer shell
  • Preassembled, monoblock construction
  • Self-centering design
  • Outer diameter size range from 41-46 mm are compatible with 22.2 mm femoral heads
  • Outer diameter size range from 47-60 mm are compatible with 28 mm femoral heads
  • Various neck lengths available to properly restore joint biomechanics    

The Stability

  • Recessed head allows for a self-centering design, optimizing load transfer and reducing wear
  • Detachable, inner retaining-ring prevents the prosthesis head from dislocating

The Integrity

  • Durable connection between polyethylene insert and metal shell prevents micromotion and polyethylene wear
  • Polyethylene thickness of at least 5 mm provides excellent wear performance

The Instrumentation

  • One instrument tray facilitates operating room efficiency
  • Trial shells allow both sizing and trialing, providing adaptability with preferred surgical technique