VEGA System®Knee Implant

Designed to Mimic Natural Knee Kinematics

The VEGA System’s post-cam design optimizes range of motion and contact between femoral and tibial surfaces, maximizing load distribution and minimizing bearing surface stress.

  • Delivers excellent wear results and jump distances which increase with flexion and can reduce subluxation risks.
  • Features our unique 7-layer Advanced Surface Technology, designed to provide a strong barrier to the potential release of metal ions, such as nickel, cobalt and chromium, with exceptional resistance to wear.1
  • Intuitive IQ instrumentation platform offers dual-purpose instruments, fewer trays and a simplistic design that allows quick, easy resizing and can reduce operating room time.

Wide range of soft-tissue-friendly implants available with 13 femoral sizes and 11 tibial sizes for a better bone fit.

1The results of in vitro testing have not been proven to quantitatively predict clinical performance with regard to implant wear or metal ion release. The absolute ion concentration that can trigger a hypersensitivity reaction to metal ions is unknown. A clinical evaluation of metal sensitivity was not performed with respect to Advanced Surface Technology.