Quintex® Cervical Plating System

Today's most versatile plating system

The Quintex Cervical Plating System offers a low-profile plate design coupled with simple implantation and screw insertion, zero-step locking and universal soft-feel instrumentation. Quintex was designed to address all plating philosophies and offers construct options ranging from fully rigid to dynamic, including the new Semidynamic™ construct.

Quintex: Performance and Design. Hybridized.

Quintex plating and screw options allow for hybrid plating constructs that best meet patient needs. With Quintex, surgeons can:

  • Tailor translation for dynamic constructs
  • Control settling during fusion
  • Address instability at specific levels with a more rigid construct

Quintex: System Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Plating System: One solution for all pathologies and ideologies
  • Semidynamic Construct: “Controlled motion” semiconstrained screws in a dynamic plate
  • Design Driven by Clinical Data: Slot dimensions and orientation based on clinical subsidence data from Pitzen ABC study*
  • Exceptional Screw/Driver Interface: “Stab and grab” taper fit between driver and screw; 2.5mm “torx”-style design maximizes torque transmission
  • Harmonized Instrumentation: Strike plates on proximal end of instruments facilitate self-drilling screw placement; matte finish on shafts facilitates legibility
  • Passive Locking Mechanism: Designed for speed and ease of use; tactile feel and visual cues confirm that locking mechanism is engaged

*Data on file