S Spinal System

S4 "Pressure Vessel Effect"

The S4 Spinal System is design engineered to maximize stability of construct and provide easy implantation. The extended tabs, small diameter (10.5 mm) and the 42 degree polyaxicity maximize the range of the screw body to ease rod capture without the use of additional instruments.

The S4 "pressure vessel effect" efficiently transfers energy throughout the construct, maximizing rod grip while maintaining an exceptionally small implant volume.

The S4 offers access to the following unique set of specialty instruments that reduce spondylolisthesis or fractures using a posterior approach.

  • SRI (Spondylolisthesis Reduction Instrument) - A reduction instrument for simultaneous translational and rotational correction of spondylolisthesis.
  • FRI (Fracture Reduction Instrument) - A posterior fracture reduction instrument that offers precision control with a minimum amount of force for compression, distraction and curvature correction.
S4 Spinal System