New Surface. New Level of Fusion.

The TSpaceXP Interbody System brings our innovative Plasmapore®XP Surface Enhancing Technology to TLIF procedures. The combination of a PEEK-OPTIMA®* core with the osteoconductive PlasmaporeXP surface delivers enhanced implant stability, artifact-free visualization and proven biocompatibility.*

System Features

  • Radiolucent PEEK-OPTIMA core treated with osteoconductive PlasmaporeXP pure porous titanium
  • Chamfered leading edge and aggressive teeth to resist migration
  • Uniform curve-shaped width that follows the anatomical curvature of the endplate
  • Tantalum markers for easy identification of implant orientation
  • Both rigid and articulating inserter options
  • 30 implant variations to match patient anatomy
  • Trials for each implant variation permit conformability in size selection for each patient

PlasmaporeXP Surface Enhancing Technology

To enhance osteoconductivity, Aesculap maximized 20 years of success in applying the Plasmapore surface to titanium orthopaedic and spine implants to develop the PlasmaporeXP surface technology for PEEK spinal implants. The porous surface delivers a number of operational advantages:

  • Increased migration resistance+
  • Enhanced implant stability+
  • Increased bone formation+
  • Early bone apposition+
  • Excellent visibility during imaging+

*PEEK-OPTIMA is a registered trademark of Invibio Biomaterial Solutions.
+Data on file.

TSpaceXP Interbody System with PlasmaporeXP Surface Enhancing Technology