Plasmapore®XP Surface Enhancing Technology

Give Bone a Solid Grip

Our proprietary PlasmaporeXP technology is the only surface enhancement with both the microscale porosity in the ideal range and the nanoscale features optimal for potential osseointegration and improved implant anchorage.

  • Experience – 30 years of experience with over 50,000 devices implanted, enhanced with our proprietary PlasmaporeXP technology
  • Topography – Macro, micro and nano feature benefits
  • Material Advantage – Secure, roughened titanium-to-PEEK interface
Topography of PlasmaporeXP, Macro, Nano and Micro images showing features

Foundational Study:

Klawitter et al. 1976

Optimal Porosity Characteristics

  • Porosity: 20-40%
  • Pore Size: 100-135 microns

PlasmaporeXP Surface Enhancement Porosity Characteristics

  • Porosity: 35-60%
  • Pore Size: 60-150 microns

1Klawitter JJ, Bagwell JG, Weinstein AM, Sauer BW. "An evaluation of bone growth into porous high density polyethylene." J. Biomed Mater Reser. 1976 Mar;10(2):311-23.