ENNOVATE ® Spinal System with PentaCore® and PolyLock™ Technology

Fixation you can feel. Flexibility you need. Safety you can trust.

The ENNOVATE Spinal System combines best-in-class biomechanical performance and intraoperative flexibility for correction maneuvers with safety you can trust.

  • PentaCore Technology provides improved anchorage in both cortical and cancellous bone with demonstrated superior pullout strength*
  • PolyLock Technology converts a polyaxial screw into a temporary monoaxial-behaving screw at any time during the procedure, providing flexibility to perform parallel compression, parallel distraction and derotation maneuvers.
  • Sterile packaging and aseptic presentation provides improved patient safety and reduced incidence of surgical site infection*

*Data on file, Aesculap

ENNOVATE Spinal System showing PentaCore and PloyLock Technologies