Modulift® Expandable Vertebral Body Replacement System

A Difference You Can Feel

The titanium Modulift VBR represents the latest generation in expandable cage technology by providing optimized tactile feedback, industry-leading biomechanical restoration capability and ease of use. All of these features work in concert to create a positive bone modeling response, crucial for a long-term fusion.

The Modulift Difference:

  • Optimal Tactile Feedback – Continuous expansion with our bevel gear distraction design and coating technology provides minimal friction to maximize anatomical "feel".
  • Initial and Long-term Stability - Spikes and an aggressive waffle maximize surface area contact and friction. Central packing cavity and fenestrations accommodate bone in-growth.
  • Ease of Use - A one-piece design with pre-loaded set screws simplifies use. Low-profile dovetail attachment and self-alignment capability provide efficient, secure insertion and in-situ reattachment capability.
  • Anatomic and Biomechanical Restoration - Sagittal balance and biomechanical restoration addressed with curvature correction of 0, 5 and 10 degrees. Two anatomical oval-shaped size options – 12x14 mm and 14x16 mm – maximize vertebral body coverage and device strength.
  • Optimal Patient Safety and Device Tracking – Each VBR is individually-packaged sterile. Trial, insertion and expansion instrumentation are all contained in one tray.
Titanium Modulift Expandable Vertebral Body Replacement System