Arcadius®XP L Spinal System

A Fusion of Speed and Stability

Arcadius<sup>®</sup><sup>XP</sup> L Spinal System

The ideal combination of optimized stability, improved imaging properties, and operational simplicity, the ArcadiusXP L is a unique interbody device offering an intuitive approach to ALIF procedures.

ArcadiusXP L Design Advantages:

Built on Experience
Aesculap maximized 20 years of success in applying Plasmapore® coatings to Titanium orthopedic and spine implants to develop the Plasmapore®XP coating for PEEK* spinal implants.

Innovative Surface Enhancing Technology
PlasmaporeXP is an osteoconductive pure Titanium porous coating with proven biocompatibility

Enhanced Stability
The benefits of a stable, diverging bone screw design plus the roughened surface area provided by the osteoconductive PlasamporeXP coating deliver enhanced implant stability

Optimized Implant Fit
Wide variety of implant sizes ensures compatibility with varying patient anatomies

Accessibility from all Angles
Unique implant design and flexible instrumentation provide ease in screw insertion

Simple and Secure Locking Mechanism
Integrated dual locking mechanism with single-step activation

Excellent Imaging Properties
PlasmaporeXP coating and X-Ray marker pins allow for improved visibility during imaging

*PEEK-OPTIMA is a registered trademark of Invibio Biomaterial Solutions

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