Lumbar Total Disc Replacement

Intelligent Motion Technology

Lumbar Total Disc Replacement

activL® Artificial Disc

Now FDA Approved!

The activL Artificial Disc for one-level lumbar use is a weight-bearing modular implant consisting of two endplates and one polyethylene inlay and is intended as an alternative to fusion. It's designed to allow controlled motion at the surgery level.

Benefits of the activL Artificial Disc

Intelligent Motion Technology
The first lumbar artificial disc with a mobile ultra high molecular weight polyethylene core that supports both controlled translational and rotational movement similar to the movement of the healthy lumbar spine. It can translate in the sagittal plane (anterior-posterior) up to 1.5 or 2.0mm, (based on device size) but does not translate laterally (four degrees of freedom).

Enhanced Longer-term Implant Stability Through Bone In-growth
The bone-contacting surfaces of the endplates are coated with Plasmapore (Titanium) and a microscopic Calcium Phosphate over-coating, which provides an attractive surface due to a combination of pore size, porosity and roughness.

Widest Range of Footprints and Heights
Range includes an 8.5 mm design, which is the lowest height construct available on the market. 

Indicated for reconstruction of the disc at one level (L4-L5 or L5-S1) following single-level discectomy in skeletally mature patients with symptomatic degenerative disc disease with no more than Grade I spondylolisthesis at the involved level. DDD is defined as discogenic back pain with degeneration of the disc confirmed by patient history, physical examination, and radiographic studies. The activL Artificial Disc is implanted using an anterior retroperitoneal approach. Patients receiving the activL Artificial Disc should have failed at least six months of nonoperative treatment prior to implantation of the device.

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