CeSpace™XPInterbody System

New Surface. New Level of Fusion.

The CeSpaceXP Interbody System brings an innovative surface enhancing technology, Plasmapore®XP, to ACDF procedures. The combination of a PEEK-OPTIMA®* core with the osteoconductive PlasmaporeXP coating delivers enhanced implant stability, artifact free visualization, and proven biocompatibility.

System Features 

  • PlasmaporeXP osteoconductive porous Titanium coating over PEEK-Optima core
  • Superior and inferior ridges plus roughened surface deliver enhanced stability
  • 30 size options ensure compatibility with varying patient anatomies
  • Generous graft window for packing of bone graft material
  • X-Ray marker pins in combination with PlasmaporeXP allow optimal imaging
  • Individually sterile-packed to ensure safety
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use instrumentation

PlasmaporeXP Surface-Enhancing Technology  

Aesculap maximized 20 years of success in applying Plasmapore® coatings to Titanium orthopedic and spine implants to develop the PlasmaporeXP coating for PEEK spinal implants. The porous coating delivers a number of operational advantages: 

  • Improved Implant Stability
  • High Adhesion Strength
  • Increased Migration Resistance
  • Exceptional Imaging Properties

*PEEK-OPTIMA is a registered trademark of Invibio Biomaterial Solutions


CeSpaceXP Interbody System with PlasmaporeXP Surface Enhancing Technology