Knee Replacement Patient Testimonials

Jim's Story

Jim is a PGA golf professional. After a knee injury left him suffering from bone-on-bone pain, he pursued a knee replacement. Unfortunately, his body did not respond well to the first implant. His doctor recommended an Aesculap knee implant with Advanced Surface Technology. Jim explains how his Aesculap revision surgery with the “gold knee” alleviated his pain and allowed him to return to the activities he enjoys.

Marguerite's Story

After Marguerite’s body did not respond well to her first knee implant and left her in pain, she knew it was time to pursue a revision surgery. Her doctor recommended an Aesculap knee implant with Advanced Surface Technology. Learn how Marguerite’s life has improved after her Aesculap surgery with the “gold knee.”

John's Story

John is a volunteer firefighter who had knee replacement surgery in 2004. His surgery was very successful and he was thrilled with the results.

John first noticed his knee pain in the ‘90s while he was working in the film industry, laying cables on a roof. His pain was an inconvenience throughout every day. He tried pain medications and injections to help relieve his knee pain. These alternative treatments provided temporary pain relief, but when the pain got worse, he knew it was time to consider surgery.


Susan's Story

Susan is an aerobics enthusiast from New York who had both of her knees replaced.

Her knee pain started in 1999. She first tried arthroscopic surgery in 2000 and at that time was told she would be a candidate for knee replacement down the line. Her pain got progressively worse to the point where she could not go up and down a flight of stairs. Susan did aerobics regularly and had to wear braces on both legs or she could not participate in her classes. Her knee pain also made going on vacation, gardening, or any of her other usual activities very uncomfortable.

Susan decided to have knee replacement surgery when it became impossible to climb a flight of stairs. Another major factor in her decision to have surgery was that she could no longer participate in her aerobics classes. Susan said, “Once I couldn’t be out in the garden and doing the things I like to do such as traveling and aerobics classes, I knew it had to be done.” Susan was also convinced to have surgery when she heard about the new technology incorporating the computer aided joint alignment. She said, “It was just time to claim my life again.”


Each patient will experience different post-operative results and activity levels depending on their own individual clinical factors. There are potential risks and recovery times associated with surgery and certain individuals should not undergo surgery. You should consult with an orthopaedic surgeon for complete benefits, risks, and possible outcomes based on your specific needs.

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